Video: Mini doesn’t want to give up, still wants to race Porsche

At first it sounded like a ridiculous idea – head of Mini USA, Jim McDowell, publicly challenging the head of Porsche Cars North America, Detlev Von Platen, to a race. Thankfully Porsche decline, what seemed to be a window of opportunity for Mini to save itself from humiliation by going up against a big dog.

However, it seems like Mini isn’t going to give up just yet. McDowell is back and is raising the stakes. This time, McDowell says that the winner will walk away with two Justin Bieber tickets or lifetime membership to the Salami of the Month club, or collection of pastel cashmere sweaters, or a home gym system.

Note: Notice how McDowell changes t-shirts throughout the video: Racing = Fun; No one likes a no show; There’s still time to change your mind; Do it for the children.

Click here to watch Mini’s original challenge video.

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– By: Stephen Calogera