Report: Renault targeting 200,000 electric-vehicles by 2015

Renault Zoe

According to French newspaper sources, Renault SA aims to produce more than 200,000 electric vehicles per year by 2015-16. At least 150,000 of these will be the Renault Zoe. Set to be launched in mid-2012, the Zoe will use a modified version of the Clio platform.

Electric vehicles are expected to account for 5% of the auto industry in 2015-2016, but Renault aims for them to comprise more than 5% of their lineup by that time. The company has committed to a volume of 100,000 electric vehicles for Israel and Denmark by 2016.

Although industry analysts have predicted that EVs will win 4.5% of the total light vehicle market by 2015, Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn thinks this number could be as high as 10%.

Let’s just hope they get that Renault Zoe / Zoe Renault name thing figured out.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)