Survey Says: New York drivers are the dumbest, Kansas are most road-savvy

New Yorker”s are certainly known the world over for their aggressive approach to driving. In a recent nationwide survey, it was shown that New Yorkers rank dead last in roadway literacy, and that nearly 20% of drivers would fail a written test. Kansas seemed to have the most savvy drivers.

The ignorance displayed by NY drivers was astounding; 8%-5% had no idea of the appropriate course of action when approaching a yellow traffic light, and many were confused about safe following distances.

Regionally, Northeasterners had the lowest scores and highest failure rate, with the Midwest fairing the highest scores and lowest failure rate.

Men out-performed women in every index, including highest scores and lowest failure rates. The Survey also explored issues of driving distraction; one in four admitted to distracting themselves behind the wheel with eating, cell phone usage, etc., and more women than men admitted to distracting themselves.

Okay so it’s understood that people from Kansas understand roadway rules better than New Yorker”s – but can you find a decent pastrami on rye in Kansas?

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: CBS