Ford, Honda expected to lead industry in market-share gains

2010 Honda Accord Crosstour / 2011 Ford Edge

According to closely watched industry report, Ford and Honda are expected to lead the industry in market-share gains over the next four years, while GM and Chrysler hold steady, and slip, respectively. Ford and Honda are expected to each gain 2 points of market share by 2013 courtesy of redesigned cars and trucks being introduced ahead of industry pace.

“Ford’s recent gains should continue, with share reaching the 17% to 18% range, supported by a solid product cadence,” automotive analyst John Murphy said in the report.

While admitting that staying ahead in the automotive game is getting harder, Murphy said that rolling out redesigned vehicles faster than competitors is a sure way to boost sales and keep factories busy, thus posting big profits. Replacement has held steady at about 13% since 1992, but is expected to spike to 27% this year, with Chrysler replacing at a rate of about 24%. “Chrysler products are likely to have a tough time in a competitive market,,” Murphy said.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Free Press