Land Rover celebrates 40 years of Range Rover

Range Rover over the years

Later this month, June 17 to be exact, Land Rover will celebrate Range Rover’s 40th birthday.

“It was the world’s first vehicle as good on-road as off-road,” Land Rover said in a statement, “The Range Rover was the first fully capable luxury 4×4 and was a milestone in the development of the SUV.”

“The Range Rover is really four vehicles in one,” says managing director Phil Popham. “It’s a seven-days-a-week luxury motor car, a leisure vehicle that will range far and wide on the highways and off-road trails of the world, a high performance car for long distance travel, and a working cross-country vehicle.”

Land Rover has produced three generations of the Range Rover with the Classic being the first. With the Classic, the Range Rover went on sale in 1970, with numerous upgrades and a multiplicity of variants, for just over 25 years.

The second-generation model hit markets in 1994 and was eventually replaced in 2001, the current model.

Land Rover said that the Range Rover will get a new member later this year. The new Range will be smaller, lighter and more fuel-efficient and will show the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Yes, they are talking about the LRX.

– By: Omar Rana