BMW X6 Interceptor by Met-R looks like an SAV on steroids

BMW X6 Interceptor by Met-R

What you’re looking at here is known as the BMW X6 Interceptor. The bodykit on this juiced up looking X6 was created by Zaur Khalilov for tuning firm Met-R. Khalilov 3D rendering to layout his design without requiring manual layout.

The designer added an aggressive front bumper with giant air intakes, expanded arches and sills, a new rear bumper, diffuser and vertical fog lamps. Adding another nice touch, Khalilov added the top-lining on the grille to give a little 6-Series feel to the X6.

Prices for the body kit start at 297,000 rubles ($9,689 USD) for the normal edition and 397,000 rubles ($12,951) for the carbon edition. Not bad at all considering the looks you get.

BMW X6 Interceptor by Met-R:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Cardesign (via CarScoop)