London’s new Routemaster bus is back, and it’s bigger and better

London's new Routmaster bus

Five years after the iconic bus was withdrawn from service, London’s new Routemaster bus has been unveiled. Bigger and better than the outgoing model, the new Routemaster bus is 11.2 meters long, nearly 3 meters longer than the previous one.

“People have got bigger and there are rules about headroom and gangway widths, plus accessibility requirements,” said one of UK’s leading bus designers, Alan Ponsford. “All of which have been welcome changes, but they mean a larger bus.”

In order to accommodate passengers comfortably, the new Routemaster bus holds two fewer passengers, down to 62 from 64. Also, there are now two staircases since designers thought that if there was only one staircase at the back, passengers would have to walk the whole length of the bus before sitting at the top.

We definitely approve.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Guardian