2010 Volkswagen Golf

March was a very good month for Ford of Europe with the automaker’s Fiesta becoming Europe”s best-selling car for the month, helping the automaker become the best-selling brand in the region. Well, Ford’s No.1 celebration was short-lived as Volkswagen returned to its traditional place as the top-selling brand in the European Union in April.

In April, Volkswagen sold 138,304 new vehicles in Europe, a 7.7 percent decline. Ford of Europe on the other hand fell nearly 20 percent to 87,721 units. In fact, Renault beat out Ford with 99,642 units along with Peugeot, which sold 88,721 units.

In March, Ford outsold Volkswagen by 1,298 units, selling a total of 168,611 units compared to Volkswagen’s sales of 167,313 units.

Ford sales were hit hard as scrappage schemes that have boosted sales of the company’s smaller Fiesta and Ka models finished or were wound down in key European markets.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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  • Volkswagen is my dream car, i really love to but this car. Volkswagen is really most selling car company in automobile companies. Very nice article on this. The bigger Golf on the other hand, had not benefitted as much from these scrappages.

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