Report: Gemballa closes its doors, founder Uwe still missing

Uwe Gemballa

Gemballa, a tuning firm that provides aftermarket parts for mainly Porsche and Ferrari vehicles, has closed its doors following the disappearance of its founder Uwe Gemballa. Gemballa has been reported missing since February in Johannesburg, South Africa while on a business trip.

Gemballa’s earnings went from €16.2m in 2007 to €8m in 2009. With that in mind, Uwe decided to seek out investors in Dubai and South Africa. On the evening of February 9, Uwe reportedly called his son and told him he had an accident and was in need of one million dollars. That was the last time Uwe’s son heard from him.

Speculation has it that Uwe planned his own disappearance or that he is the subject of a ransom plot.

We’ll bring you more info as the story develops.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Autobild (via WCF)