Honda “lacks confidence” in electric-car demand, still plans to offer EVs in the U.S.

Honda EV-N Concept

The head of research at Honda said that the company remains skeptical about electric-cars 10 years after it has stopped selling the EV-Plus battery-powered model. Nonetheless, the second-largest Japanese automaker plans to offer electric-vehicles in the United States.

“We lack confidence” in the electric-vehicle business, Tomohiko Kawanabe, president of Honda’s research and development said. “It’s questionable whether consumers will accept the annoyances of limited driving range and having to spend time charging them.”

Kawanabe said that Honda still plans to sell electric-cars in the United States to meet California emission rules, but its top priority is to improve fuel-efficiency of its current models.

“We are definitely conducting research on electric cars, but I can’t say I can wholeheartedly recommend them,” said Kawanabe.

On the other hand Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says that he expects 10 percent of the global car market to be electric-vehicles by 2020.

Note: Pictured above is the Honda EV-N Concept that made its debut at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.

Honda EV-N Concept:

Honda EV-N Concept Honda EV-N Concept Honda EV-N Concept Honda EV-N Concept

– By: Kap Shah

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