Rumor: BMW X6 to get a third-row option

BMW X6 Rear Seats

Sources say that BMW will offer its X6 vehicle with an optional third row. Currently, the BMW X6 is fitted with a pair of rear bucket seats that are divided by the center console that runs all the way to the back – making the X6 a 4-passenger vehicle.

According to sources that spoke with BMWBlog, this has been one of the major complaints from X6 owners that say a longer-journey in the X6 can be very uncomfortable.

The third-row option in the X6 will most likely be offered when BMW gives the X6 a facelift when the vehicle reaches its mid-way into the production cycle.

Of course, we’re wondering how this will be possible since the rear seats of the X6 are already cramped and give little head-room due to the sloping roofline of the crossover.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: BMWBlog