Volkswagen Golf GTI Excessive Concept unveiled at Worthersee 2010

Volkswagen Golf GTI Excessive Concept

Every year at the GTI-meet at Wörthersee, Volkswagen surprises fans with a breathtaking concept. In 2007, it was the GTI W12-650, in 2008 the Golf Estate RaVe 270 and in 2009 the Golf GTI Wörthersee 09.

For 2010, Volkswagen is presenting the new Golf GTI Excessive in Reifnitz. The Golf GTI Excessive Concept adds on parts styled in high-gloss black piano paint.

“The focus here is on extreme precision in the definition of shapes, radii and straight lines, as though cut with a razor blade,” Volkswagen said in a statement. “The add-on parts themselves are slender and light on the one hand, yet noticeably stable as well; they appear as though carved from a single block.”

Other add-ons include a front spoiler. Also, side sills and a rear diffuser (which lights fire-red when braking) are visually styled as so-called splitters. Never before have splitters been transferred to a production model with such high-end precision as on the Golf GTI Excessive. Volkswagen says that it’s up to the fans whether or not the add-ons make it into the catalogue of Volkswagen Original Accessories.

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Volkswagen Golf GTI Excessive Concept:

– By: Kap Shah