Consumer Reports survey shows Toyota loyalty is slipping in the U.S.

2010 Toyota Corolla

Consumer Reports said today that Toyota’s safety recall crisis has assisted in toppling the reining automaker’s U.S. customer loyalty, allowing Honda and Ford to move ahead to the top spots. According to the publication’s survey, 57 percent of current Toyota owners would “most likely” buy another vehicle from the Japanese automaker, down 70 percent in December’s survey.

Consumer Reports said that more than half those surveyed said that the “overall reputation” of the brand was the leading factor in their decision.

Honda came in with 68 percent, up from 67 percent five months earlier. FoMoCo also joined the high ranks with 61 percent, up from 58 percent in December.

Chevrolet fell to 49 percent from 57 percent in December, while Chrysler’s Dodge came in at 24 percent, down from 32 percent in December.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Reuters