Black is most popular Chevrolet Camaro color so far, V8s account for most sales

2010 Chevrolet Camaro Black at 2008 LA Auto Show

Here are some fun 2010 Chevrolet Camaro sales facts. Up until May 11, 2010 (that was yesterday), black has been the most popular color for the new Chevrolet Camaro ever since it went on sale – accounting for 22.17 percent of all Camaros sold or a total of 22,893 units. The second most popular color is Silver Metallic accounting for 10,639 of all units sold (11.23 percent), followed closely by Victory Red with a total of 10,439 units sold (11 percent).

Also, it seems like people aren’t hanging on to their wallets when purchasing the new muscle car either. 51.53 percent, or a total of 48,875, of all Camaros sold have been the top of the line Camaro 2SS. The second most popular model is the 2LT accounting for 19.64 percent of all sales, or 18,629 units.

Even when it comes to adding the RS package, a total of 67.34 percent (a total of 63,868) opted for the optional extra, while only 32.66 percent (total of 30,981) stayed with the basic Camaro.

As for transmission choices, 67.03 percent, or a total of 63,574, of Camaro shoppers opted for the 6-speed automatic while 33 percent went for the 6-speed manual.

Check out the charts over at Camaro5 for more details.

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