Volvo accidentally crashes S60 during crash avoidance system demo

Volvo’s are pretty safe right? Well, this video may make you think twice. While we’re huge fans of technology features like adaptive cruise control and Volvo’s crash avoidance system, you can never fully trust computers over human interaction.

Here is a video of a Volvo safety demo where Volvo invited a bunch of reporters to show them launch an empty Volvo S60 at the back of a truck to show how the car’s crash avoidance system works… and it didn’t work.

According to Wired version of the story:

The new Volvo S60, due for release later this year, was fired out of Volvo’s testing tunnel at around 30MPH, and the collision detection system should have kicked in, bringing the car automatically to a halt before hitting the truck in its path.┬áIt didn’t. Instead, the brand new car ploughed into the back of the truck in front of us, and indeed the world’s press who had gathered in Sweden to see the collision detection system in action.

Check out the video after the jump.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Wired