Foreign automakers may attack beefed up vehicle safety regulations

In the wake of the recent Toyota recall issues, the House of Representatives is proposing legislation that will beef up car safety regulations, and the bill is expected to come under attack from foreign automakers.

The group, the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers, will recommend that more time be given for manufacturers to come into compliance with tighter rules that require brake-override systems and black box technology. Also opposed by the group, are increased fines for cars with safety defects.

Another industry lobby, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, supports adoption of black boxes – but only if the cost of the boxes remains reasonable.

Key provisions of the reworked House bill are expected to include; tougher standards for brake override systems, black-box requirements, and the elimination of the penalty cap that limited the fines imposed on Toyota to $16.4 million. Also included in the bill is a provision to impose a fee of $3 per vehicle, increasing to $9 in three years, that will be used to bolster NHTSA resources.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: MSNBC