Ferrari CEO: 2012 Special-series Enzo to get twin-turbo V8

Ferrari Enzo

Two weeks ago Fiat SpA CEO Sergio Marchionne revealed his 5-year business and product plan for the company. One of the many exciting things Sergio announced was that Ferrari will introduce a “new special series Enzo” in 2012.

According to Ferrari’s CEO Amedeo Felisa, the new special-series Enzo will be powered by a twin-turbo V8. Earlier reports suggested that the new Enzo will get either a V8 or direct-injected twin-turbo V6.

Speaking to AutoCar Felisa said:

There are no plans for a six-cylinder engine today. Ferrari will not build a six-cylinder engine until customer attitudes towards smaller engines change. The perception today is that the number of cylinders equates to the possibilities of the car. That is why we are developing hybrid technology that can be applied to our V8 and V10 cars. Hybrid means we can protect the V12.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: AutoCar