NHTSA: 2007 Dodge Caliber being studied for sticky pedal issue

2007 Dodge Caliber

The U.S. safety regulators have opened an investigation to review a possible sticky accelerator pedal problem in the 2007 Dodge Caliber. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that it has had five complaints that the accelerator becomes stuck and will not return to idle position when released.

Indiana based supplier CTS Corp. made the pedals involved in the NHTSA’s investigation, which is the same supplier that provided Toyota with pedals leading to the Japanese automaker’s recall of 2.1 million vehicles in January.

Chrysler released a statement saying:

NHTSA has notified Chrysler Group LLC that it is investigating a potential condition with 2007 model year Dodge Caliber accelerator pedals. Some customers have reported sticking accelerator pedals. Chrysler Group is not aware of any accidents, injuries, or property damage related to these reports. The company”s initial examination of customer complaints finds they are limited to a small group of vehicles built during a five week window in March and April of 2006. It appears to be a supplier manufacturing concern, which is mechanical in nature and not a design or electronic issue. Additionally, the Dodge Caliber is equipped with a brake override system. If a disagreement occurs between the throttle and the brake, the engine controller will reduce power, allowing the operator to stop the car. Chrysler Group has been using brake override technology in its vehicles since 2003.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Chrysler, Automotive News (Subscription Required)