General Motors sues over destroyed hydrogen fuel pump

Shell Hydrogen Fueling Station in Los Angeles

Two years ago, GM had attempted to transport a hydrogen fuel pump from Pennsylvania to California. Unfortunately, the semi carrying the pricey piece of equipment crashed, rendering the $850,000 fuel station useless. GM has brought suit against the company hired to transport the piece of machinery, CHAT of Michigan Inc., to the tune of $850,000 plus damages, costs, and fees.

GM brought the suit last week because CHAT refused to accept responsibility and pay for the pump. “GM has been trying for two years to recover the cost of the hydrogen refueler that was destroyed in this crash,” GM spokesman Alan Adler said. “The incident delayed the rollout of Project Driveway — the largest demonstration of fuel cell vehicles in the world — by three to four months.”

GM had used CHAT extensively in the past, and even after the crash. The company specializes in the transport of heavy-equipment, so GM selected them to carry the 45,000 pound fuel pump, as well as several others over their 21-year relationship.

Despite the fact that this job was twice sub-contracted, CHAT president Greg Katcher said his company is not liable because the crash happened due to a wind storm; a natural catastrophe. or ‘act of god’. Another problem, argues Katcher, is that GM did not opt for additional insurance, nor did they declare a value on the bill of lading.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Detroit News