Bob Lutz on his last day: GM is poised for success

General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz

GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz officially spent his last day at General Motors yesterday looking forward to his first official day as a retired auto executive (May 1).

Writing over at GM’s FastLane Blog, Lutz said:

As I mark my last day at General Motors today, I want to say a special thank you and farewell to the loyal readers of FastLane. This blog would not have been the success it has become without you, and I”m sure you”ll continue to read the many interesting posts about GM and its vehicles that will follow on these virtual pages.

I leave here today knowing full well that this company is on the right track, especially in terms of the products, which pave the path to success.

He ended his farewell post with this: “I only have about 47 years of experience on which to base this opinion, but I believe GM is poised to win. Thank you very much for your terrific support.”


– By: Omar Rana