2010 Beijing: Honda LI NIAN Everus Concept, production model due end of 2010

Honda LI NIAN Everus Concept

At the 2010 Beijing Motor Show, Honda surprised the automotive world with a new concept for its LI NIAN brand, Guangqi Honda”s proprietary automobile brand (previously known as Guangzhou Honda).

“The mass-production model of this concept car will be introduced at the Guangzhou Motor Show, scheduled at the end of this year,” Honda said.

No additional details on the Honda LI NIAN Everus Concept were revealed. We’re not sure if this hints at the next-generation design of Honda sedans but it looks like Honda took some design hints from its Acura department. We’ll update you on the details as we get them.

Honda LI NIAN Everus Concept:

– By: Omar Rana