Apple will start selling its iPad outside the United States later this month, however, CEO Steve Jobs has yet to specify a date. Those who are anxious to get their hands on one, or want to capitalize on the uncertainty, are traveling all the way to New York to pick up a bunch of units.

Amit Jain, who owns an electronics shop in Mumbai, said he sold 5 64- gigabyte iPads for 100,000 rupees ($2,250) each as of April 7 after they reached India through unofficial distributors. That”s triple the $699 that the iPad retails for in the U.S. and just $250 less than India’s cheapest car – the Tata Nano.

“We have customers who are willing to buy,” said Jain. “So we maintain our margins.”

Apple has sold more than 450,000 iPads in less than a week after its introduction, Jobs said on April 8.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Bloomberg (via AutoObserver)

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  • Jason X

    Wow. You guys are turning into retards. I'm as anti-Nano as it gets, but to write an article comparing two demographics that are light years away from each other is just LAME.

    What's your point? Its not even funny. =/