We find ourselves very much attracted to the BMW M3 Sedan, however, many of you aren’t on the same page as us. So much so, that sluggish sales of the new BMW M3 Sedan have forced the German automaker to drop the variant when it comes time to develop the next generation of the M3.

Apparently it doesn’t make sense for BMW to do an M3 Sedan seeing as sales have been somewhat disappointing in addition to the cost involved with developing the variant to bring it to the market.

Nonetheless, all of you high-performance sedan lovers can hold out for a performance version of the next-generation four-door 3-Series – we hear it’s going to be something similar to the new 335is seen at the 2010 New York Auto Show. At least that will give the Audi S4 sedan a true competitor.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: BimmerFile

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  • fancynancy101

    This is sad news. I've always loved the M3 sedan and only purchased my AMG because BMW had stopped making the sedan version for awhile (M5 too pricey).