Sahin’s Aston Martin Gauntlet takes a shot at Aston’s future design

Ugur Sahin has brought us some wonderful concepts in the past including the Corvette Z03 and the GT-S Passionata Concept. Sahin has now released his latest creation called the Aston Martin Concept Design Study Gauntlet.

As Sahin puts it:

The main goal of the Aston Martin Gauntlet Concept was to design a car which is technically almost identical to the existing production Aston Martins while defining a design character that outmost respects the impressive history of the brand and combine the timeless lines of the past Aston Martins with the modern interpretation of the existing styling.

Sahin said that his goal focused on being┬ácoherent balance between past and the future without overlapping each other to fit the taste of today’s design definitions. Too much of the past would look “Retro” while too much of the “Future” would look unrealistic.

“I believe that Gauntlet matches these two worlds exactly without exaggerating,” says Sahin.

We agree and we like.

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Ugur Sahin’s Aston Martin Gauntlet:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Ugur Sahin