Nissan: We never considered dropping the Titan pickup

About a year ago, the faith of the Nissan Titan pickup looked really hazy. Sales of the full-size truck were down and plans to team up with Chrysler to use the Dodge Ram basis fell through.

After all that Nissan remained a bit quiet about what it has in the works for the full-size pickup segment… until now.

According to Carlos Tavares, Executive Vice President and Member of the Board of Nissan Motor, the company never stopped considering a replacement for the Titan.

“We didn’t consider stopping. When the Chrysler deal fell through, we immediately started on a truck of our own. We are committed to this market. We recognize that it’s an important part of this market, so we are not going to step out,” Tavares told Inside Line.

Last we heard anything, Nissan said that it will continue to sell the Titan while it works on the successor.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Straightline