2010 New York: FoMoCo says Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is better than the Lexus HS 250h

  • Key Competitors: Buick LaCrosse, Lexus ES350, Infiniti G37 sedan… doesn’t really matter because they don’t offer hybrid versions.
  • Power: 156-hp 2.5L 4-cylinder combined to electric-motor; net output equals 191-hp/136 lb-ft.
  • Transmission: Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission (eCVT).
  • Performance: 0-60 mph in around 9 seconds.
  • Availability: Late 2010.
  • Pricing: TBA.

FoMoCo is all about comparing the new Lincoln MKZ Hybrid to the Lexus HS 25oh. Here are just a couple of things Ford made sure to point out that are better in the MKZ Hybrid when compared to the Lexus HS 250h:

  • Lincoln MKZ Hybrid”s projected fuel economy tops its nearest competitor ““ the 2010 Lexus HS 250h ““ by 6 mpg.
  • Lincoln MKZ Hybrid can cruise up to 47 mph in pure electric mode – Lexus HS 250h battery-only mode allows just 25 mph.
  • Lincoln MKZ Hybrid comes standard with features and technologies that are either not offered on the Lexus HS 250h or are available only at an extra cost.
  • Lexus HS 250h prices start at $34,650 – Lincoln MKZ Hybrid starts at… well, we’ll have to wait and see if the the MKZ Hybrid wins here as well.

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2010 New York: 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid:

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2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid:

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