Potholes, if you can’t fix them at least make them visible

Living in New Jersey, I can attest first-hand to the ravaging effects that roadways littered with potholes can cause on a vehicle; I’ve destroyed two rims and tires this winter. An initiative thought up by students at Milan Polytechnic University in Italy has devised a plan to make potholes more noticeable to drivers.

By making the lower layer of asphalt a bright and vibrant color, an eroding road surface will show the brighter color and make the pothole noticeable to approaching drivers. The plan will be tested in the town of Rho, just outside of Milan.

The project will test for affordability and viability, and though it may cost more to manufacture the asphalt in the first place, the thought is that municipalities will save money on roadway repairs. Some experts however, caution that the only real solution is to figure a way to prevent potholes in the first place.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: NYTimes