Under 21? New Jersey requires red sticker on your license plate

New Jersey drivers under the age of 21 are already exposed to a number of more laws than their over 21 counterparts, and now it just got easier for law-enforcement to identify them. The state is now requiring a red reflective decal be attached to their license plates to identify their age status. “ĖœKyleigh”s Law”, as it is called, is named after 16 year old Kyleigh D”Alessio, who was killed in a car accident.

The decals can be bought for $4.00 from any DMV starting on April 12, and must be affixed to vehicles driven by youngsters on May 1. The decals are removable and do transfer between cars. For those who attempt to remove or forego the decal, a $100 fine will be assessed.

The primary function of the decal is to enable law-enforcement to easier spot drivers under the age of 21, as they are subject to certain rules that limit the amount of passengers allowed, and the hours during which the car may be driven.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: NJ Online (via AutoBlog)