U.S. panel to look for ways to consolidate lawsuits against Toyota

A Federal Judicial panel tomorrow will start looking at whether more than 80 lawsuits against Toyota can be consolidated into fewer cases. It will also look at which court should handle the litigation process. About a dozen attorneys from across the country are expected to argue before the judicial panel in San Diego regarding the lawsuits.

Many of the lawsuits stem from incidents related to unintended acceleration (surprise!).

An attorney by the name of Richard Arsenault said that the legal complaints range from deaths from unintended acceleration to consumers claiming their vehicles have lost value since the recalls.

Toyota has recalled more than 8.5 million vehicles worldwide. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that consumers have reported 52 deaths from unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles in the United States.

It was reported last month that lawsuits filed against Toyota could cost the company more than the $2 billion it is spending on its recalls.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)