New York artist turns Hummer H2 into a horse carriage

An artist by the name of Jeremy Dean created something called “Back to the Futurama,” a statement to the current American consumer culture, the auto industry and the economic recession. Dean figured that the biggest impressions he could make for his “Back to the Futurama” would be to turn a Hummer H2 into a horse carriage, and that’s exactly what he did.

Jeremy, 33, went out and bought a used Hummer H2 cashing out close to $15,000. With the help of some mechanics, Jeremy dismantled the vehicle, took out the engine and everything else he didn’t need to make his Hummer H2 horse carriage.

Jeremy says that the project was inspired by the Great Depression, at a time when people could no longer afford gas for their vehicles and hitched them to horses, creating “Hoover Carts.”

“I was fascinated by the Hoover Cart story and the image I saw in my mind of the re-imagined vehicle, this ultimate coping mechanism, and it seemed to me then, as it does now, a monument to the absurd, as only something utilitarian done in prolonged crisis can be,” Jeremy says.

His 1,800-pound car made its public debut in Central Park, pulled by two horses named Diesel and Dean.

We give it two big thumbs up.

Check out to videos of the project after the jump.

Hummer H2 Horse Carriage (Hoover Cart):

Futurama: HUMMER deconstruct:

Futurama: Hummer:

– By: Omar Rana