Toyota angry at ABC for fake demo of unintended acceleration, asks for apology

In order to demonstrate Toyota’s recent problems with unintended acceleration, ABC News’s Brian Ross drove a car as part of a segment that was rigged to suddenly accelerate. Toyota is furious over the fact that the image of the tachometer used during the segment was not the tachometer of the car driven by Ross, but was doctored to look that way, making Toyota’s acceleration issue out to be more than it actually is.

After coming under fire, ABC admitted to switching the image of the tachometer to one that was intentionally triggered to accelerate more rapidly than the car driven in the segment. ABC says that the decision was a cinematic one, attributing it to a ‘shaky’ shot.

Spokeswoman Emily Lezner posted on ABC’s site concerning the issue:”This was a misjudgment made in the editing room. They should have left the shaky shot in. But I want to make clear that the two-second shot that was used did not change the oucome of the report in any way.”

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Business Insider