Mercedes-Benz ordered to pay customer $482,000 for lemon

A Wisconsin judge has ordered Mercedes-Benz USA to pay $482,000 in damages and legal fees to a customer who was sold a defected Mercedes-Benz E-Class and not given his refund on time.

In 2005, Marco Marquez, a 37-year-old businessman from Waukesha, purchased a brand new Mercedes-Benz E 320 for a total of $56,000. Almost immediately after purchasing the car, Marquez faced problems starting it. He said that the battery was replaced several times but the problem continued and after several attempts the dealership told Marquez that the problem could not be solved.

Marquez eventually hired Vince Megna, a lawyer from Milwaukee, to represent him. Megna immediately said that the Marquez was protected under a state “lemon law” (which we’re pretty sure many of you know about).

Well, the case eventually dragged on for a total of four years. At first, the dealership offered Marquez a replacement for the car but he refused and asked for a refund. The dealer finally agreed but failed to pay Marquez within 30 days. Since under the Wisconsin state “lemon law” dealers have 30 days to refund a customers money, Marquez filed a lawsuit against Mercedes-Benz on the 31st day saying the company was stalling since on the 30th day they asked him for information about his auto loan, which they already had.

A judge finally ruled in Marquez’s favor in 2007, awarding him $202,000 in damages and legal fees. However, an appeal overturned the decision in Mercedes-Benz’s favor. Now,¬†Waukesha County Circuit Judge Michael Bohren overturned the verdict, saying it was not backed up by evidence. He ruled in Marquez’s favor awarding him a total of $482,000, of which $168,000 was for the car’s purchase price plus interest and $314,000 for costs and legal fees for Megna and other lawyers.

Even through all this, Marquez continued to drive his E 320, which now has 56,000 miles on it.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: FoxNews