Did bankrupt James Sikes fake unintended acceleration in his Toyota Prius?

As the days go by, we learn something new about James Sikes – the popular owner of a Toyota Prius that experienced a dangerous 94 mph speed in his hybrid after claiming that the accelerator was stuck.

Yesterday, we learned that Sikes is a member of the Chevrolet Corvette Owners Club – what that has anything to do with his Prius incident probably means nothing, but it’s cool knowing nonetheless.

According to the latest research by the folks over at Jalopnik, Sikes filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and has over $700,000 in debt. It’s also been said that Sikes hasn’t been making payments on his Prius. Sikes has continuously said that he has no intentions of suing Toyota or any financial remuneration from Toyota other than a new vehicle.

Of course, this information about Sikes background may be useless if his Prius actually has a stick pedal issue but we’re pretty sure it’ll raise some questions.

Head over to Jalopnik to read Matt Hardigree’s research.

– By: Kap Shah