The state of Virginia this past weekend used the weakness of motorists to solve the state’s $2.2 billion budget deficit. According to reports, Virginia’s revenue-pumping ticket blitz resulted in an outstanding 7,016 traffic tickets this past weekend.

Apparently, tax dollars helped fund Virginia’s budget-fixing move with overtime for the state troopers being paid via a federal grant.

Of the 7,016 traffic tickets, 3,536 were speeding tickets. Most troopers issued 717 citations for reckless driving, “judgment call” ticket that can be handed out for speeding as little as 10 or 15 mph over the speed limit. The ticket comes with a eye-popping fine of as much as $2,500.

Speaking about the two day ticketing spree, Colonel W. Steven Flaherty of Virginia State Police said that “it is discouraging to see so many motorists on our interstates putting themselves and others at risk by failing to comply with speed limits, to buckle up, and to drive sober.”

On a side note, Virginia’s road fatalities are down 20 percent this year alone.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: (via Truth About Cars, AutoObserver)

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  • Roman Bronfenbrener

    you should have had a Super Troopers picture up instead of this one

  • AwesomeBob

    I see a super troopers picture…

  • GMfan87

    excellent call Roman…haha

  • Mr. Bungle

    Littering and…..littering and…..littering and

  • yaright

    Maybe that's a1/2 million on a 2.2 BILLION SHORTFALL. whoopee zip. Virginia continues it's spiral into a nazi state.

  • jim

    Funding for the enforcement initiative was provided through federal highway safety monies.

    Funds generated from summonses issued by state police go directly to court fees and the state’s Literary Fund, which benefits public school construction, technology funding and teacher retirement.

  • Annoymous

    I just had a ticket dismissed despite the fact the trooper lied under oath which caused me to have no argument so I then had to just beg and plea for a dismissal which got me the dismissal but landed me in driving school. Never tell a copy “I’ll see you in court”…he had time to prepare a lie against everything he did wrong so now I had no way to interrogate him..and if I had done so..I would have just been calling him a liar in front of the judge. I was shocked…all while he stared at me with that look on his fact like “I got ya…how you gonna argue that”. Cops like that are all the reason people hate them. In my case this was a win-win for that county. I get to pay them $64 b/c its not a complete dismissal in exchange for no points on my record…and that young cop probably got to party the last weekend with his friends for Halloween b/c he fullfilled his quota for the month by giving me the last ticket statisfying quota before his party weekend. It’s a shame these cops are under so much pressure to issue tickets that they would lie under oath and besides he shouldn’t have given me the ticket to begin with considering the facts. Bad judgment on his part…shame on him. As if life isn’t hard enough with health issues, family / friends issues, work issues…we got to worry about dishonest cops paid with our tax dollars to protect and serve trying to collect more tax dollars for an over spending fun vaccum of a government. If the state needs to cut jobs b/c of the deficit…so be it…when one door shuts another opens. People will find a way.