Mazda to follow Toyota in adding brake override systems to its vehicles

Mazda announced today that it will install brake override systems in new models amid news of recalls of more than 8 million vehicles of Toyota vehicles. According to Mazda spokesman Kotaro Minagawa, the new features will be give brakes priority if the accelerator and the brake pedals are pressed together.

Mazda said that all future vehicles worldwide will be equipped with the brake override technology. It did not say when it will start rolling out the future or what model will get the technology first.

“We are not aware of any malfunctions or instances of runaway Mazda vehicles or related accidents that would necessitate a brake override system,” Minagawa said.

Mazda, which is owned 11 percent by FoMoCo, said that the update is a safety enhancement and said it was not promoted by reports of braking or acceleration issues. We believe otherwise – either way, kudos to Mazda.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)