Toyota sued over death of family in California Lexus ES crash

The crash of a California state trooper and three family members that helped spark Toyota’s wide-ranging unintended acceleration recall has gained a lot of media attention. The relatives of the family are now suing Toyota for defects they say caused the vehicle to speed out of control, killing all four passengers in the car.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in San Diego Superior Court.

Toyota’s CEO Akio Toyoda, made a public apology and extended his condolences to the Saylor family during the congressional hearings last week.

State trooper Saylor was driving with his wife, brother-in-law and his 13-year old daughter before his Lexus ES 350’s accelerator got stuck and hit speeds of 120 mph before striking another vehicle, plowing through a fence, hitting a berm and flying through the air, rolling several times into a field before bursting into flames.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Reuters