Toyota is not the only company linked to unintended acceleration

Toyota is perhaps unfairly catching an undue amount of criticism in the wake of their recent unintended acceleration problems, as an NPR investigation suggests that other automakers have also been the targets of high rates of complaints with regard to unintended acceleration.

In their analysis of 15,000 complaints filed as far back as 1990, NPR has found that Honda and Volkswagen have also had their share of similar complaints. When compared to market share however, Toyota’s rate is much higher, as in 2002 they had 10% of the U.S. car market, but a whopping 19% of the complaints related to unintended acceleration.

Volkswagens manufactured in 2008 received a high number of complaints despite the fact that VW’s have been manufactured with a brake override system in their cars for the past 8 years. Honda also saw a spike in these complaints between 2001-2003, but they have remained low since 2004.

Although Toyota’s problems were aired very publicly, the type of analysis that NPR undertook is not generally undertaken by manufacturers and regulators.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: KickingTires