Mazda in the hot-seat of recalls… literally

Mazda is in the hot seat of recalls today after recalling 12,300 CX-9 crossovers due to a potential problem with the heated seats. In some CX-9 models, the seat heater control circuit can overheated and fail due to a glitch in the electrical grounding. That could case burn damage to the seat and in the worse case scenario, could set fire to the seat, said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Owners of SUVs with the problem will be notified by mail and will be asked to take their CX-9 to a Mazda dealer to have a new ground wire harness installed. In some cases, the entire seat heater control circuit may have to be replaced.

News of the problem was brought to Mazda in December when a dealer reported an incident in which the CX-9 seat heater wouldn’t turn off even when the ignition was in the “Off” position.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: CNNMoney