2010 Geneva: Citroen SURVOLT Concept demands your attention

It’s probably one of the best looking concepts at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show floor – in fact, it’s probably the best looking concept we’ve seen all year – meet the new Citroen SURVOLT. Based on the REVOLTe concept, the SURVOLT adds things like performance, cutting-edge technology, luxury and an outstanding sporty design into the mix.

“A new breed of stylish, sporty and elegant supermini, SURVOLT bucks current trends and points towards the future of sleek coupés – combining elegance, sophisticated style and sporting passion,” Citroen said in a statement. “Clearly ahead of its time, SURVOLT also captivates the imagination with its innovative, environmentally-conscious all-electric drivetrain, which delivers driving pleasure, thrills and performance – all in virtual silence.”

No performance specs were released, but we’re guessing it’s an upgraded version of the REVOLTe concept, which was powered by a rechargeable hybrid power-train consisting of a small engine and an electric-motor.

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Citroen SURVOLT Concept:

– By: Omar Rana