Lawmaker accuses Toyota of withholding documents about vehicle rollovers

There is new evidence, introduced by a key lawmaker on Friday, that levels accusations that Toyota hid evidence pertaining to vehicle rollover cases. The evidence has come to light via the subpoena of former Toyota attorney Dimitrios Biller”s collection of documents pertaining to Toyota”s hiding of evidence regarding other safety issues.

“We have reviewed these documents and found evidence that Toyota deliberately withheld relevant electronic records that it was legally required to produce in response to discovery orders in litigation,” Rep. Ed Towns wrote in a letter Friday to Toyota North America President Yoshimi Inaba. “Many of these documents concern ‘rollover’ cases in which the plaintiff was injured.”

Among the documents was a letter from Biller to his supervisor advising the disclosure of certain information, as required by law. According to Biller, Toyota maintained “secret books of knowledge” regarding safety issues.

Representatives for Toyota were not immediately available for comment.

In somewhat separate news, the NHTSA announced its purchase of the Lexus ES350 owned by the Smith family, who had testified at Wednesday”s congressional hearing. The car will be the subject of thorough examination at the NHTSA”s vehicle Research and Test Center in Ohio.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: CNN Money