Inaba: Toyota should’ve done a better job sharing information with lawmakers

Yoshimi Inaba, CEO of ToMoCo North America has admitted to the company”s being deficient in communicating news of known defects outside the geographic regions in which they are discovered. Particularly, it had taken years for ToMoCo officials to let American regulators know about major instances of unintended acceleration that had taken place in Europe.

“We should have done a better job of sharing” information, Inaba told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee yesterday. “When you go into a certain database, you can find it. But it is not positively shared.”

Central to Akio Toyoda”s new plan for the company, is more effective communication, and that entails the formation of a committee – which he will chair – to address safety-defect issues around the globe. The committee, whose first meeting is set for March 30, will have a representative from the U.S.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)