Jim Press: Toyoda is the right executive to save Toyota

Jim Press, the first American member of ToMoCo”s board of directors, said Today that Akio Toyoda was the right executive to save his family”s company from “˜financially oriented pirates.” “The root cause of their problems is that the company was hijacked, some years ago, by anti-family, financially oriented pirates,” Press said.

Press went on to sing Toyoda”s praises, even saying that he is the only man for the job and that “˜he embodies the virtues and character that built this great company.” According to Press, Toyoda did not wish for him to speak out on his behalf, but he could not stand idle any longer.

Toyoda blames the company’s problems on a rapid rate of growth, and has vowed to put in place new quality controls, and heed more input from its American executives on matters of recalls.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Free Press