Lysacek Olympic gold medalist will treat himself to an Aston Martin DBS

Evan Lysacek, Olympic Games gold medalist who took the top prize for the U.S. in men’s figure skating, said last week he’s going to go home and treat himself to an Aston Martin DBS. Lysacek, who currently owns a Range Rover, says he now wants to be “just like Bond” and own the DBS supercar.

Lysacek was quoted by Yahoo! Sports saying he’ll buy the $269,000 sports car in Los Angeles soon after he returns from the Olympic Games. Gary Briggs, a salesman for Aston Martin Newport Beach said that the DBS is “very much the gentleman’s sports car…a fine choice for an Olympic champion.”

We’re pretty sure its a lot more fun to do spins in a DBS rather than skates.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Inside Line