Akio writes article in WSJ, says Toyota will create new ‘Smart Pedal’ braking system

Akio Toyoda, who will appear before the House Committee tomorrow, has written a piece for the Wall Street Journal outlining steps the company is taking to set a new benchmark in automotive safety.

“The first step is taking care of vehicles on the road today, Toyoda said. “But it also means making even safer vehicles in the future””and being more open and transparent about any safety issues that arise.”

“I have personally placed the highest priority on improving quality, not quantity.” he said. “All Toyota vehicles bear my name. When cars are damaged, it is as though I am as well.”

Toyoda said that Toyota will be one of the first mass automakers to produce an advanced brake-override systems, which will be standard on all Toyota models worldwide. Known as the “Smart Pedal” braking system, the technology will automatically cut engine when the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal are pushed simultaneously.

“In short, I pledge that Toyota will set a new standard for transparency and speed of response on safety issues,” Toyoda said. “We also will strive to lead on advanced safety and environmental technologies.”

You can read Toyoda’s fill article over at WSJ here.

– By: Stephen Calogera