From museum to museum: Porsche Type 64 coming to High Museum of Art in Atlanta

The Porsche Museum in Germany will be sending its legendary Type 64 Berlin Rome Car on a long journey to Atlanta where it will be displayed at the High Museum of Art to celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary in America.

“Type 64 is of very special significance to the history of the Porsche brand: Built in 1938/39 under the guidance of Ferdinand Porsche, this unique car already had all the features that make sports cars from Zuffenhausen so very special the world over to this day: lightweight construction and superior aerodynamics, exceptional performance, reliable technology, and that unique design so characteristic of a Porsche,” Porsche said in a statement. “Originally developed for the Berlin-Rome long-distance race, Type 64, due to the war, never entered a race in its lifetime. But it marks an essential milestone en route to the first Porsche, Type 356 built in 1948.”

The Type 64’s streamlined aluminum body has influenced Porsche’s current sports cars including the Porsche 911 all the way to the Panamera.

1938 Porsche Type 64:

– By: Kap Shah