2010 Geneva Preview: I.DE.A to show four-passenger hybrid concept

I.DE.A Institute is an Italian design house owned by the Swiss Rieter group. The company designs everything from vehicles, motorcycles, furniture, electronics and more. Each year at the Geneva Motor Show, I.DE.A shows up with some mind-boggling concept. Last year I.DE.A showed up with the ERA concept, which you can check out here.

This year, I.DE.A will show a new four-passenger hybrid and here is a teaser image of it.

In a brief press release, the company said: “I.DE.A Institute returns to the Geneva Motor Show with a four-seater sedan powered by a hybrid engine. This latest concept car is Italian to the core: its shape, its look, its elegance and name are instantly recognized as being synonymous with Italian styling and beauty.”

I.DE.A 2010 Geneva Motor Show Concept:

– By: Kap Shah