Toyota declines to accept energy efficiency award for Prius

All aspects of Japanese life, especially business relations, are governed by strict rules of etiquette. When Toyota’s CEO Akio Toyoda apologized after the company’s surge of massive recalls, he bowed to the public during the conference in humiliation.

Apparently, Japanese media criticized Toyoda, saying his bow wasn’t low enough.¬†Of course that may be surprising to some us here on the stateside since we would have never expected GM’s former CEO Rick Wagoner, or Chrysler’s former head Bob Nardelli, to bow in front of the U.S. Treasury Department when asking for a loan.

Either way, hoping not to be on the front page of every newspaper again, and following Japanese laws of honor and harmony, Toyota today declined to accept a Japanese government energy efficiency award given to the Toyota Prius.

“We declined to accept the award, because we thought it is not appropriate,” said Toyota spokesman Paul Nolasco, citing the recall of the brakes in the model.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Free Press