Next-generation Honda Ridgeline due in 2011

Speaking at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show, Honda’s assistant vice president of product planning Vicki Poponi says that the Ridgeline pickup will upgraded for the 2011 model year. The Ridgeline, which has not been upgraded for five years, will see a redesign in 2011, says Poponi.

Sales of the Ridgeline have declined over the last year as new trucks have softened the pickup’s appeal.

“The customers love the Ridgeline,” Poponi said. “It”s really a unique truck. It”s its own segment. But because it”s a niche vehicle, they”re really aren”t many people out looking for it. It”s also a bit older than we like.”

Honda sold 16,464 units of the Ridgeline last year, down 33,875 a year earlier, a decline of 51.4%.

– By: Kap Shah