Honda offering lease deals on Insight, goes after Toyota Prius

Last month, Chrysler, Hyundai General Motors and Ford starting offering incentives taking advantage of Toyota’s recall troubles. Honda was the only automaker that decided not to offer any incentives to Toyota drivers and said that it “will not react in a predatory way toward either Toyota or Toyota customers.”

Well, it seems like Honda has changed its mind. While Toyota’s Prius hybrid is going through a recall for brake problems, Honda is offering a sub $200-a-month lease deal on its Insight hybrid, obviously to go up against the Toyota’s pride and joy.

Honda is offering a lease payment of $200 a month that combines 12,000 mile/36-mph limit with a residual of 63 percent and a lease rate of .00141. A $750 cash rebate can also be combined with the special lease rate.

The deal, which lasts through March 1, is so good has named the promotion its lease deal of the week.

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Review: 2010 Honda Insight:

Review: 2010 Honda Insight Review: 2010 Honda Insight Review: 2010 Honda Insight Review: 2010 Honda Insight

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