Ferrari owner’s living-room garage angers neighbors

If many of you have that sentimental attachment to your vehicle to the point where you hate leaving it in the garage at night, then you can most probably share your feelings with Holger Schubert. The 43-year-old product designer loves his Ferrari 512 BBi Boxer so much that he parks it in the middle of his living room next to his stylish furniture, bookcase and a flat-screen TV that slides on tracks pasted on glass-made walls that frame a view of the ocean.

Sounds like a dream right? Well, it’s about to become one for Schubert as well. Los Angeles officials are about to ask him to tear down his exquisite garage after neighbors complained about a bridge that connects his Ferrari’s third-floor parking spot with┬áNorth Tigertail Road.

The ruling by the West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission comes after the extravagant garage won Architectural Digest magazine’s Design Driven contest last year.

Schubert says that his neighbors turned against the whole garage/bridge idea after his home-remodeling project started taking too long, about five years.

Either way, if the neighbors win, Schubert’s 1984 Ferrari would have to go back into a regular garage on the first floor.

Thanks for the tip Seth.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: LA Times